The aim of Religious Education at Woodcroft Primary School is to continue and develop our ethos of respect for all, as part of our broad and balanced curriculum. It is important that children consider how their own experiences relate to others, whether that is in everyday life or in a religious context. During lessons, we following an enquiry cycle (Communicate, Apply, Enquire, Contextualise and Evaluate), which ensures that children understand the links between themselves as an individual, their community and the wider world, before encompassing religion.

We use the ‘Living Difference IV’ Hampshire County Council agreed syllabus, in which:

Key Stage 1 will be taught Christianity and Judaism, 36 hours across the year.

Years 3 and 4 will be taught Christianity and Hinduism, 45 hours across the year.

Years 5 and 6 will be taught Christianity and Islam, 45 hours across the year.



RE units are block taught, ideally in a one day block or if this is not possible in three consecutive afternoon blocks. It is a legal requirement to teach RE as part of the curriculum and an expectation that at Woodcroft Primary School one RE unit will be taught each half term. When planning, we use the advised plans from Hampshire, which teachers will then use as a guide and adapt them to suit their class and available resources. These lesson plans include a key concept and a context in which it is explored, for example a concept ‘Symbol’, taught in the context of ‘The Cross’. During lessons, teachers follow the enquiry cycle, ensuring every lesson makes steps in every part: Communicate, Apply, Enquire, Contextualise and Evaluate. This cycle allows children to experience a concept linked to themselves before applying it to a religious belief or practice; enabling them to further their understanding and respect of the focus religion. Within RE lessons, there is opportunities for discussion, art or use of resources, and we try to avoid large pieces of writing, which ensures that the lesson content is accessible for all to show their understanding.



Our RE curriculum will broaden the views of the pupils at Woodcroft Primary School, making them more respectful and understanding of the people and religions in their local community and wider world. The lessons are designed for all children to succeed, encouraging creativity and the sharing of opinions and thoughts. Impact in RE is measured through:

  • Pupil discussion about their learning;
  • Children applying their understanding and tolerance across society and cultures;
  • Monitoring and reflection against subject-specific skills;
  • Pupils are able to present their understanding in a range of methods to demonstrate their new knowledge.

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