At Woodcroft Primary School our computer curriculum teaches children the skills and knowledge required to be a safe and efficient user and creator of technology. Our pupils develop an increasing complex understanding of technology in the world around them and importantly how their actions can keep themselves and others safe. Children learn how to use and manipulate algorithms and coding to create programs; how to efficiently and effectively use search engines; how systems and networks work in an increasingly technical world; and how E-Safety is essential in all aspects of our lives. Children will have opportunities to use different technologies and understand how they are applied in the world around us. Our computer curriculum allows children to apply skills and knowledge to real life problems that will help them as they progress throughout their education and beyond.



The national curriculum statements are the principle focus of our computing curriculum, providing increasingly complex skills and knowledge that children embed over time.

Teachers follow the Teach Computing scheme which provides well sequences lessons which show progression and build upon prior learning. In Key Stage 1, children focus on: Computers and using computers; E-Safety; and Coding. This is expanded as the children move into Lower Key Stage 2 to include Networks and Net Searching. Each area is revisited throughout the curriculum to ensure that children are building on skills and knowledge that they have previously been taught. Teachers use Ipads, Beebots, Laptops, Desktops and a range of programs such as Scratch, to help make the curriculum hands on and interactive. Skills and knowledge develop over a series of lessons as children practise and apply what they have been taught.



Children will be independent in their use of technology and understand how computers are intrinsic in the world around them. They will have an understanding of coding and how programs can be manipulated or created to help resolve problems. Pupils will be able to demonstrate how to keep themselves safe when using social media, the internet or other computer programs. Our children will be curious about new technologies and will apply what they have learnt to the advancing world around them. When our pupils move to secondary school they will have an understanding of computing that allows them to seamlessly transition to the Key Stage 3 Computing curriculum.

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