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Year 6

Spring 2


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Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely and relaxing half term break. 


In English this half term we will be reading Ice Trap! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition. Our final outcome will be a diary entry. We will be embedding all of our spelling, grammar and punctuation skills through a range of writing opportunities. We will also be researching the life of Ernest Shackleton in order to produce a writing piece in our chosen form.


In maths, we will begin by revisiting fractions, decimals and percentages. We will then focus on the four operations (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) ensuring that we are fully fluent in all areas. We will be continuing to practice our fluency and accuracy in arithmetic. We will also be focusing on reasoning questions and past SATs questions in all domains.


SATs boosters begin Wednesday 21st February and will run from 3.15pm to 4.15pm. All children are invited. 


SATs buster homework books will be sent home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and are due back the next day.


PE will be on Monday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days.


Many thanks,

Mrs Clarke, Mrs Wassell and Miss Cutting


Spring 1


Welcome back and Happy New Year!  


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This half term we will be reading Skellig by David Almond. We will be looking at how Almond creates vivid descriptions using the five senses and powerful        adverbs. Our first extended writing piece will be a narrative, presenting the story from Skellig’s point of view. We will then be producing some non-fiction writing. We will write a non-chronological report about spiders. We will then look at the  poetry of William Blake that David Almond includes in Skellig.


In maths, we will begin by revisiting number and place value, looking specifically at negative numbers. We will then begin a unit on calculation focussing on reading word problems carefully in order to determine which operation to use. We will also be practicing our long division, dividing four digit numbers by a two digit number. Finally we will have units on measurement, algebra and fractions. Every week we will also have an arithmetic lesson. 


Our main focus and curriculum topic this half term is volcanoes. In geography we will be learning about the structure of the Earth and we will make models to represent this. We will then investigate how volcanoes are formed and their impact on the environment.


PE this term is on Monday and Friday.


We look forward to another great term in year 6.

Mrs Clarke, Mrs Wassell and Miss Cutting

Autumn 2


Welcome back Year 6!


We hope you had a relaxing half term break! 


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In English this half term we will be reading A Story Like the Wind by Gill Lewis and The Arrival by Saun Tan. At first we will be focusing on narrative writing with an emphasis on formal and informal writing styles. We will be incorporating a range of sentence structures and grammatical features into our own stories and exploring the theme of freedom. We will also by writing in other subjects, for example Topic where we will be learning about life in the trenches during WW1.


In maths, we will begin by completing our unit on fractions and will be learning to multiply and divide fractions. We will then move onto a unit on measurement, during which we will be converting between different units of measure including miles and kilometres. Throughout the term we will be continuing our arithmetic work by completing an arithmetic starter at the    beginning of every lesson. This will improve our fluency.


Our main focus and curriculum topic this half term is The Mayans. We will be looking at different aspects of the Mayan civilisation including their beliefs system and their number system.


Homework will still be set on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Both pieces are due the following Tuesday.

PE is now on a Friday. 


Many thanks,

Mrs Clarke, Mrs Wassell and Miss Cutting

Autumn 1


Welcome to Mexico Class!


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Year 6 2017-2018


We are looking forward to a fantastic year in Year 6. Your teachers are Mrs Clarke and Mrs Wassell. 


We are beginning the year by creating our class charter. We will be looking at our school values and creating our charter to support us in achieving these values every day. 


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In English we will be reading ‘Stormbreaker’ written by Anthony Horowitz. The focus will be to improve understanding of a text by analysing the characters, setting, authors’ use of vocabulary and knowing the features of a genre. By the end of the unit the children will produce writing that is interesting and engaging by using: correctly punctuated sentences, a wide range of vocabulary and sentence types that have varied beginnings. This will include writing an adventure/action story for young readers as well as other writing opportunities that the text generates.


In maths, we will be developing confidence in number and place value. The focus is going to be reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000. We will be rounding whole numbers to a required degree. The instant recall of times tables up to 12x12 will be developed through games. We will be continuing to achieve the curriculum aims of fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


Our main focus and curriculum topic is Mexico. We will be learning about this North American country and developing our understanding of place and locational knowledge. This will also link to our art focus on the Mexican Day of the Dead. 

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Homework: Year 6 now have homework diaries to record their homework and deadlines. They also have a folder to keep homework and their diaries safe. Homework days will be Tuesday and Thursday. 


PE: We will have PE on Fridays and alternate Tuesdays. Please ensure that children have their PE kit in school for those days. 


Class Dojo: We are celebrating our in-class achievements using Class Dojo. A letter will be sent home inviting parents to join our class online so you can also monitor your child's progress. 


Many thanks,

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Wassell







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