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The Prevent Duty

We believe it is our duty to ensure that children are tolerant and respectful so that they can become a positive member of society. This is clearly set out in the Woodcroft Charter.

We also see it as our duty to inform children on the risks presented to them in today's society, especially in the area of radicalisation and extremism. 

Above all we want to open the debate and think about what it means to be British in a multi-cultural society.


Children at Woodcroft Primary follow the Woodcroft Charter by:


•Coming to school everyday and be on time

•Respecting people

•Listening to others

•Remembering their PE kit

•Bring in their reading log and know their     book band colour

•Respecting property

•Establishing positive relationships

•Co-operating with all adults

•Being ready for learning

•Putting 100% effort into everything     they do

•Being resilient

•Bringing in their homework on time

•Following the school rules

•Listening to and respecting different   viewpoints

•Wearing school uniform

•Following responsible Internet   & computer use