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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Woodcroft Primary School Staff 


Interim Head Teacher

Mrs Tracey Marsh


Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Emma Wilkinson

Mrs Laura Sherwell


Class Teachers


Mrs Ellie Clarke Year 6 - Mexico
Mr Tom Craddock Year 5 - Spain
Mrs Hawkins / Miss Kath Eckford Year 4 - USA
Miss Victoria Jones Year 3 - China
Mrs Sarah Biggs Year 2 - Canada
Miss Sheri Cooper Year 2 - India
Miss Emily Finnemore Year 1 - Australia
Miss Abbi Charlesworth Year 1 - Australia
Mrs Charlotte Morgan   Year R - England (3 days & Early Years Manager)
Mrs Laura Sherwell Year R - England (2 days)
Mrs Anne Bartlett  SENCo (4 days)


Learning Support Assistants


Miss Kate Mannerings - Year R Mrs Donna Tabbner - Year R
Miss Faye Luckett - Year R Mrs Emily Manchip - Year 1
Miss Humphries - Year 2 Mrs Lisa Granshaw - Year 2
Miss Alison Charlesworth - KS1 Mrs Sue Blackman 
Miss A Privett - Year 3 Mrs Christine Towner – Year 5
Miss Amy Cutting - Year 6 Mrs Karen Wassell - Year 6



Mrs Linda Beddoe


Home School Link Worker

Mrs Dawn Pink


Senior Admin Manager

Mrs Kelly Stewart


Admin Assistants 

Mrs Tracey Williams

Mrs Jo Hawley




Lunchtime Supervisors

  Mrs Pat Banks (SSA)  
Mrs Linda Tribble  Mrs Linda Lace  Mrs Kirsty Cruickshanks
Mrs Jeanette Gregory Miss Amber Privett Miss Laura Bartlett


Site Manager

  Mr Keith Francis



Mrs Pat Banks
Mrs Julia Upton
Mrs Jenny Cotton