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Welcome to our School Council Page!


The children have taken part in voting to decide on their new class School Councillor.  The nominees prepared speeches and explained why they would be a good councillor and what they want to improve in our school.  There were some fabulous ideas!


Congratulations to the following children for being elected for this year:

Year 1 (Australia) - Matilda

Year 2 (Canada) - Lewis

Year 2 (India) - Charlie

Year 3 (China) - Ruby

Year 4 (USA) - Elsie

Year 5 (Spain) - Scarlett

Year 6 (Mexico) - Shannon


Our Deputy Councillors are Leon and Ashton (Year 2 pupils)

The school council aim to meet twice during the half term.

Keep an eye on this webpage and our school council board outside the Year R classroom, to see what developments and suggestions we are making.

Remember to give your thoughts and suggestions to your class school council representative!


Mrs Sherwell is currently the school council staff member.