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Early Years Foundation Stage

The table below shows how well our children in Foundation Stage (Year R) performed in 2017. 


These were the outcomes of the teacher's observations and assessments that are made throughout the year which contribute to the end of year data. 


These are shown alongside the Local Authority scores.



Area of Learning:

School Data Local Authority Data
Communication and lanugage 77% 88%
Physical development 93% 91%
Personal, Social & Emotional development 83% 89%
Literacy 60% 78%
Maths 63% 83%
Understanding the World 73% 88%
Expressive arts and design 80% 90%
Prime Learning Goals 77% 84%
Specific Learning Goals 60% 75%
All Learning Goals 60% 75%
Average total points for cohort: 31 35


If you have any questions regarding this data, please don't hesitate to contact the school.