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Year R places for September 2018


Is your child due to start school in Recepterion in 2018?


We would love you to come and have a look around our school! We are proud of our school and would love to show you all the good and exciting things that we learn about!


Mrs Marsh is showing a small group of parents and carers (approx 6 per group) around our school on the following dates:

Tuesday 7th November at 9.15am                                                       Thursday 9th November at 1.15pn

                                        Wednesday 15th November at 9.15am and 1.15pm


If you would like to come and join her please ring the school office on 023 92593939 to book your slot! 



                                                     When is my child due to start school?

Below is a table for when you should apply for a Reception place for your child, depending on their date of birth range:
September 2013 - August 2014 = starts September 2018 = apply process 1 November 2017 - 15 January 2018
September 2014 - August 2015 = starts September 2019 = apply process 1 November 2018 - 15 January 2019

September 2015 - August 2016 = starts September 2020 = apply process 1 November 2019 - 15 January 2020

If you are interested in applying for a place at Woodcroft, please contact the office and we will arrange a visit and tour with Mrs Marsh, our Head Teacher.

Which year group is my child in?

In Hampshire Schools, children are grouped with their chronological peers (with children the same age). The table below is correct for the academic year 1 September 2017 - 31 August 2018:

Date of Birth                                          Age                School Year
September 06 - August 07                  10 - 11             Year 6
September 07 - August 08                   9 - 10              Year 5
September 08 - August 09                   8 - 9                Year 4
September 09 - August 10                   7 - 8                Year 3
September 10 - August 11                   6 - 7                Year 2
September 11 - August 12                   5 - 6                Year 1
  September 12 - August 13                   4 - 5                Year R  


(September 13 - August 14                  3 - 4                Year R September 2018)

In Year Admissions


If you are seeking an immediate school place for your child you can apply online via the Hampshire County Council website by clicking on the link below.


If the Year Group that you would like to apply for is full, your child will be added to the Hampshire County Council's waiting list that is held at Winchester. As soon as a place becomes available we will write to you offering a place.


Please note that the waiting lists are cleared at the end of every academic year, and if you are still requiring a place you will have to re-apply online in the September.


In-year applications will not be processed more than 4 weeks in advance of the place being needed. Exceptionally, in-year applications requesting a September 2018 start will not be processed until June 2018. Please refer to the guidance on in-year admissions for further information